The firm has extensive experience in representing clients in all type of Criminal matters’ in The High Courts and District Courts. The Firm practices in the following areas of Criminal Litigation like Corporate Frauds, cases in areas of FEMA and PMLA, Insider Trading and Market Manipulation, Department of Company Affairs – Serious Frauds Investigation office, Quashing of FIRs/ Bails/ Trial, Criminal Complaints, Criminal Writs/Revisions/Appeals, Defamation Cases etc. The Dispute Resolution practice is in the business of resolving the disputes at rest. We handle a variety of civil disputes and proceeding, arbitrations, statutory and regulatory proceedings, criminal proceedings in a corporate context and assisting in formulating litigation strategies. Our advice extends across all avenues of Dispute Resolution, including litigation and arbitration and across diverse sectors such as banking and finance, competition, construction and engineering, corporate, employment and pensions, group litigations etc.